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Sell or Buy ZeroHour "ZH" coins and ZeroHour tokens under control ZeroHour platform.


A simple and intuitive interface for trading

We adhere to the simplicity of the interface, but at the same time, we pay a lot of attention to the security of your finances, using the advanced technologies of Google 2FA.

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What is the ZeroHour platform?

ZeroHour - a second generation crypto currency, a coin where all come together. New 2nd generation cryptocurrency designed from the ground up to solve Bitcoin's biggest problems. Built from scratch and will not rely on any other cryptocurrency.

Uses a new proof of stake algorithm making it future-proof. Developed in Java/Python/C++. Relied on IPO for initial distribution of the supply.

The total amount of ZH Cash in existence is 10'000'000'000 ZH (10 billion). Support for absolutely any solutions and technologies, including Big Data and Blockchain 4.0.

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Platform Assets Present

Three basic assets presents on the exchange



ZeroHour main (Base) Assets.
Total coins - 10,000,000,000 ZH.


ZeroHour Lite

ZeroHour Lite, official changeable Assets.
Total coins - 10,000,000,000 ZHL.


BC Assets

BrokerCoin (BC) Assets. Total coins - 100,000,000 ZBC.

Blockchain technology

Smart contract is blockchain-technology decentralized recording of useful actions, parameters and conditions of remuneration in respect of each of the advertised product or between all parties advertising network: advertisers, web-masters, mlm-professionals buyers. For the functioning of the platform clever contracts and to ensure the correct operation of emission conducted crypto-keys based Briacoin blockchain-network.

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Coin Withdraw Trade
ZeroHour (ZH) 0,1 0,00001
ZeroHour Lite (ZHL) 0,1 0,00001
BrokerCoin (ZBC) 0,1 0,00001
Bitcoin (BTC) 0,0005 0,00001
Ethereum (ETH) 0,05 0,00001
Litecoin (LTC) 0,002 0,00001
BitcoinCash (BCH) 0,001 0,00001
ZCash (ZEC) 0,01 0,00001
BriaCoin (BRIA) 0,05 0,00001
Dash (DASH) 0,001 0,00001